wire race bearing

wire race bearing

DRE wire-race bearings are the product of dedicated research and development.The typical features of our wire-race bearings are the high-strength races for the rolling elements. A wire-race bearing system allows structural and material combinations as well as cross sections which are out of reach of any conventional antifriction bearing.

Dimensions, cross sections and the ring material of the bearings can be optimally matched to all application requirements. Depending on their purpose, RTR wire-race bearings can be ball bearings, roller bearings or a combination design of
wire-race bearing and surface-hardened bearing. DRE wire-race bearings extend the range of applications for open-centre slewing bearings.They offer decisive advantages over conventional surface-hardened slewing bearing designs like high running accuracy,
low and uniform torque resistance even when distorted,resistance to corrosion, low weight due to the surrounding aluminium alloy bearing rings and low maintenance.
Our bearing programme ranges from diametersas small as 80 mm to diameters of up to 14m. Over 120,000 manufactured bearings bear witness to the success of this special antifriction bearing technology.The surrounding bearing rings are not directly exposed to rolling friction, they do not have to be made from steel but can consist of non-ferrous metals, cast iron or synthetic materials. In particular, DRE wire-race bearings with light alloy bearing rings have gained special importance.The same load carrying capacity as that of comparable steel bearings is achieved by using an aluminium alloy of high mechanical strength as ring material. Compared to steel bearings of identical cross sections, aluminium wire-race bearings weigh approx. 60 % less.Tests at renowned institutes of technology as well as our own R&D work have demonstrated that the high mechanical strength of this wrought aluminium alloy means that the gearing can also be cut directly into one or more bearing rings. A light alloy wire-race bearing can be made corrosion-proof and maintenance-free by using appropriate materials for the rolling elements and races. The corrosion behaviour of aluminium bearing rings can be significantly improved by a surface treatment.

Apart from the weight savings already mentioned, DRE light alloy wire-race bearings
are particularly advantageous in applications where the bearing is required to
withstand shock loads and travelling vibrations. Due to aluminium’s smaller modulus
of elasticity in comparison with steel and the additional elastic deformation between
the races and race beds in the bearing rings, shock loads are absorbed much more smoothly, so that brinelling in the races and striation can be prevented. The high elasticity of the wrought aluminium alloy characterized by a low modulus of elasticity causes the elongation differential to be fully absorbed by the wire-race bearing.

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