YRT Rotary Table Bearings

YRT Rotary Table Bearings

Axial/radial bearings YRT:YRT
YRT bearing consists of thrust/radial housing washer,a thrust/radial shaft,two Axial needle roller and cage assemblies and a group of radial cylindrical roller.Housing washer and shaft washer have equally sspaced fitting bolt.This kind of bearings have high axial load and radial load,and high tilting rigidity and high precision.This bearing can be used to the machine tool and other high precision machinery of the rotary table or sub-set,and also can be used for chuck,measuring instruments and test equipment and rotary table configuration.This bearing requires higher quality or the parts to match it.You must control screw tightening torque when install it

Bearing features:
1.   High precision: precision at P4, P2.
2.   High rigidity: YRT series bearings are with preload.
3.   High load capacity: bearings can support axial load, radial load and tilting  load.
4.   High speed: YRTS series bearings can be applied in the high speed working condition

We have the series below, click to see each details:

YRT series rotay table bearings

YRTS series high speed rotaty table bearings

Axial and radial bearing YRTM with the angle measuring system

Axial angular contact ball bearings ZKLDF

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