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Trailer Turntable for your choice


RTR Engineering is a nice supplier for trailer turntable,we have high-quality

heavy turntables for sale. Here we have something to tell you.

Trailer Turntables are parts for fitting onto trailers and agricultural vehichles

to connect the A frame to the trailer chassis so it can swivel.Their purpose is

to transmit both the axial load, thrust and traction forces. None of their parts is

susceptible to wear. Each turntable consists of two steel rings designed for

flange mounting. The raceways are machined so as to ensure that the load

transmission is favourable directed between the antifriction bearing steel balls

that are fitted. An initial filling of grease protects the raceway system.

RTR supply included:
·Standard/ Low-maintenance
·Drilled/ Undrilled

The trailer turntables are supplied as either undrillled or drilled bearings with the

standard type being filled with lithiumsaponified grease and the low maintenance

type. Every trailer turntable is coated with a primer and can therefore be painted

at the same time as the trailer. The primer is based on a synthetic resin compound.

We have two material for these trailer turntables.Forging material (Q345B) and Casting

material (nodular cast iron)To know more information, please visit our website