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6 Tips to maintain slewing bearing correctly


Slewing bearing plays a very important role in engineering machinery,It controls the mechanical operation. In case of the slewing bearing using problems,we need to do a good job in maintenance. Now I’d like to share something about the slewing bearing maintenance and the choice of lubricant.

1.Choose lubricant carefully, in this way ,the service life of slewing bearing will remain longer.The No.2 extreme pressure lithium grease will be a good choice.

2.Add a small amount of lubricating oilwhen leaving the factory,be sure to fully fill lubricant according to its’ working environment.

3.Add lubricating oil for it when slewing bearings work every 100 hours,or Roller Slewing Bearings work every 50 working hours. (Each time we add lubricating oil, we should remember to add it in the race to the seal until we see the oil leakage.)

4.Check the pretightening force,Roller Slewing Bearings must keep enough pretightening force to run properly.

5.Stop the machine immediately to check and solve the problem when facing noise, shock, or working error. When cleaning,we should remember not to clean slewing bearing directly with water,so as to prevent water, hardness and debris from entering the race, it may lead the slewing bearing not to bite absolutely.

6.Replace it in time when finding the damage in the slewing ring bearing seal, so as to prevent serious problem in the process of operation.

Does it make sense to you? I will feel delighted if it can help you